2022's Free Quarterly Prints

2022's Free Quarterly Prints

Have you been holding your breath in suspense waiting for me to announce the theme of this year's Free prints?  I'm here to tell you to let that breath out because the time has come for me to announce the theme.  Yay!!!

I'm really excited for this year's prints and I think you will love them, too.  As I mentioned in a previous post, the free prints are changing from monthly to quarterly.  This will give you 4 new prints that can be switched out each season, and you will receive your print the first month of each quarter.

This year's theme is.....

Seasonal free prints | Beverly Gurganus Art and Home

I though long and hard (emphasis on long) about what I wanted to give you this year as prints, and how they can be a blessing.  I began brainstorming with the number 4 because of 4 quarters 4 prints.  That lead me to seasons.

What encouraging message could I relay with seasons?  God uses seasons as a repeating pattern, rhythm if you will in his creation, and the seasons is just one example. We refer to stages of life as seasons...the trials, the victories, starting a new career, starting a family, becoming a grandparent, and retiring in the mountains...we all dance to the same rhythm, but not at the same time.

Winter Barn | Free Art Print | Beverly Gurganus Art and Home

Each season has different characteristics, some we love and some we don't.  You might like the cold winter days with bare trees and snow covered fields,  or warm spring days with the sun on your face, fresh green grass, rainbow of flowers, and the sound of full trees swaying in the breeze (my favorite), but every season is beautiful and purposeful.

When you receive your free print via email this year, I want to remind you that this season you are in will not last forever so take time to soak in the beauty it holds, the lessons it is teaching you, and the growth you made.  Life is too short to not appreciate each and every season.

Winter Barn | Free Art Print | Beverly Gurganus Art and Home


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