30 in 30 Challenge

30 in 30 Challenge

I have seen artists participate in A Painting A Day program, and I thought that one day I would do a challenge like that.

I discovered a podcast hosted by Artist Leslie Saeta as well as a guest co host.  This podcast, Artists Helping Artists (AHA) has been a wealth of information for me as I am growing my business.  Leslie hosted a 30 in 30 challenge this past fall, and she peaked my interest when she talked about her paintings and the paintings of other participating artists.  So when I heard that she was doing another 30 in 30 this January, I signed up.

I have been on a journey for the past year to learn watercolor because I didn't get a chance to take watercolor when studying art at a local college.  {Craftsy classes and Youtube tutorials is what I've been using to learn this medium.}  When I decided that I would do this challenge, I thought what better way to practice watercolor than to have to paint something everyday for 30 days. (The above picture contains 3 of my 30 in 30 paintings).  I am loving working with watercolors!

If you have considered doing a challenge like this to encourage daily creating, I highly recommend it.  I will be honest, it has made some days hectic trying to fit additional creative time each day, but it is so worth it.  Check out Leslie's website here, and maybe you too will want to participate.

The release of my next collection, Woodlands, will be  Friday, February 10th, and many of these watercolors will be part of that collection.  So be sure to subscribe to this site so you will get more information about that release.

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