30 in 30 challenge: Week 2

30 in 30 challenge: Week 2

The second week of the 30 in 30 challenge has been an interesting one, and I'm not talking about all the hurricane hype and preparations that's been going on 'round here.  Florence has occupied much of our week as we did a lot of cooking, shopping, closing down the pool, storm proofing our home, news watching, and news watching.  Oh, did I say news watching?  Our TV has been stuck on the weather channel for most of the week cause that's what we're suppose to do, right?

 Day 7 30 in 30 Challenge

(Day 7)

This painting was inspired by Oak Grove Park, a local park here in Chesapeake, VA.  I admire and photograph those trees every time I visit with plans to paint them, and it was their time.


Day 8 30 in 30 challenge

(Day 8)

Day 8 was a turning point for me.  I actually painted this one several times as I was struggling to get these trees right.  In my frustration of not getting a realistic look, I just started throwing on paint and color while incorporating a little palette knife.  Wouldn't you know, I actually love it better!  Not so much realistic as the previous painting, but it has more movement and energy.  It felt so free to paint without having to capture every detail.  Loosening up is a goal of mine, and I feel like this accidental piece was a turning point for me.


Day 9 30 in 30 challenge

(Day 9)

While I was feeling all loosey goosey, I painted this for Day 9.  This was another painting out of the box for me as I played more with color, and I love this one, too!  You guys, this is what this challenge is all about...exploring and getting out of your same o' same o' box.


Day 10 30 in 30 challenge

(Day 10)

With this painting, I tried to combine what I learned in Day 8 and Day 9.  I did a loose landscape while playing with lighter pastel colors.


Day 11 30 in 30 challenge 

(Day 11)

Day 12 30 in 30 challenge

(Day 12)

The clouds in the sky on Tuesday were so large and fluffy; I had to photograph them.  The first painting is of one of those photos.

Since I did that first cloudscape, I pulled out another cloudscape I photographed a few weeks ago of a unique sunset.  Don't you love those saturated colors?


Day 13 30 in 30 challenge

(Day 13)

Today I went back to my landscapes and palette knife.  


This week has been such a learning experience, and I'm uncovering another side of my creativity.  I have learned to not be afraid to relax and to really play with the colors.  I'm so excited to see what the next phase of the challenge will bring!


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