30 Paintings In 30 Days: Day 10-11

30 Paintings In 30 Days: Day 10-11

There are those days when you have to stop and listen to your body, and yesterday was one of those days.  My father has been in and out of the hospital with a severe foot infection so my time is being split between helping my parents (my mom had a stroke about 2 years ago), working in the studio, and taking care of my family.  I'm happy I get to help my parents, but going in several directions can wear a person out.  It was a struggle for me to surrender my time in the studio in exchange for rest, but it was needed. 

Day 10-11

(Untitled 8x10 oil on canvas)

This painting was started on day 9 with plans to finish on day 10, but since I took a day to rest I finished it today.  

Do you ever feel like you need to paint something different?  My plans are to paint mostly spring-y flowers with this challenge, but these terra cotta pots that sit in my kitchen full of succulents was begging me to paint them.  I chose my favorite large pot, a smaller empty one and a brass candle stick from a thrift store that I have grown very fond of and set up a still life.  I just love the warmer palette in this painting.  

How about you... Are you a cool pastel kind of person or do you love rich warm tones?


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