30 Paintings In 30 Days: Day 17

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Saturdays are pretty busy around my house.  It is the day we try to squeeze chores, errands, and family time, but I was able to get all of that done yesterday (except the family time).  My youngest child's birthday is today so I have some fun family time planned for later this evening so I was able to get into the studio early...Yay, no late night tonight!


Although my chores are complete, I still have birthday fun to prepare; therefore today's painting was sweet and simple.  Inspired by one of my fun DIY décor projects I thought I would paint one of my embroidery hoop wreaths similar to what is shown below.

I didn't paint these particular wreaths, but this gives you an idea of my inspiration.

Day 17

When I say this painting was simple I am also referring to quick.  Would you believe that I painted this entire painting while talking to my oldest daughter on the phone?  She was folding her laundry while I was painting, and we just talked about a bunch of nothing...the best conversations ever, right?!

I didn't focus as much on details for example the leaves of the eucalyptus.  They are just a simple stroke made with the point of a small palette knife.  To my detailed mind it looks rather messy, but that smudged, imperfect look is growing on me... reminds me of a chippy distressed piece of furniture that is bursting with character.

I hope you guys enjoy your weekend with your family!  

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