30 paintings in 30 Days:  Day 19-21, 24

30 paintings in 30 Days: Day 19-21, 24

Wow, what a month so far!  Can you believe we are nearing the end of this challenge?  By participating in this challenge I have learned so much like...

1.  There is beauty in an imperfect painting.  I love the fine details in a painting, but I have found that I also love the freedom of painting without all those details.

2.  I have more time in my week to paint than I thought I did.  I just have to better prioritize my schedule

3.  The more you paint/create the more your creative juices begin to flow.  I have so many new ideas for more paintings.

There are more, but I will stick with those three for now.


Day 19:

This month not only has been busy in the studio, but also in my personal life.  I feel like I'm juggling with so many balls that one has to drop to the floor.  This week it was blogging and a couple days missed in this challenge.

The above photo is my day 19.  I love the idea of tea cups with plants growing in them, and I can forsee a developing series using teacups.  I chose the Aloe because it reminds me so much of my childhood home.  My mother had a huge one and I would break off a piece every time I burned myself.  The Aloe Vera is a plant with benefits.


Day 20-21

This painting took both day 20 and 21 to complete.  I also traded my palette knifes for my brushes, again.  

This painting is part of a collection I'm currently working on and releasing March 30.  (Blog post on this collection is coming this week with all the info.  There will be something special about this collection, too.  Make sure to check back or you can subscribe to get updates via email)


Day 24:

I haven't named all my paintings yet, but this one I'm calling "Lemon Tea". 

One of my favorite teas to sip on (usually in the evenings because I can't cheat on my morning coffee) is lemon ginger tea.  I love the tart from the lemons combined with spice from the ginger...nom, nom!  

I decided to step it up a bit by using a teapot with curvy lines, and tons of little leaves.  Using a palette knife to cut around the leaves was tedious.  I could have painted the background and then add the leaves, but I haven't surrendered all my control yet... One day.

if you hung in with me through this long post then you are champs!  Thank you for enduring this longer catch-up post and hopefully I will be back to the normal post tomorrow.  Let's finish this challenge strong!

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