30 Paintings In 30 Days: Day 2

30 Paintings In 30 Days: Day 2

Fridays and Sundays will be my most difficult days in this challenge (this I'm already discovering).  My husband is off on most Fridays, and a few years ago it became tradition to have a date day every Friday.  Sundays are full  with church activities leaving only a small time slot in the afternoon for studio time.  Although I find those days a little harder to get into the studio, I am determined to not let that become an impossible hurdle.

Day 2

Today we had our usual Friday date day so I didn't get into the studio until this evening thus the late posting of this painting.

Blushing Pussy Willows  8x10 Oil on Canvas Sheet

I have been collecting resource photos for this painting challenge, and I chose this one because it too had a basic shape like the cotton stems and it reminded me when I was little enjoying the soft texture of the blooms.  I plan on slowly increasing the difficulty of my subject as I progress so I don't get discouraged.

I've been seeing a lot of pink in clothing and home décor, and I just love how touches of pink can add a soft feminine touch to a space.  I thought a mixture of warm and cool pinks would look nice with the grays and whites of the blooms without creating too much contrast.

My thoughts about the palette knife...

I'm still having to reprogram my brain to accept not so perfect lines, and the lack of realistic details that I am unable to achieve with the knife. There were times I would think about just using a brush to get my background color between the branches.  I am happy to say that I stayed true to the knife because the purpose of restricting myself to palette knife is to learn to loosen up and embrace imperfections.


Thank you for following this journey...come on back tomorrow for Day 3!


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