A Mother's Crown custom paintings for Mom

A Mother's Crown custom paintings for Mom

I'm so excited to introduce my new custom paintings "A Mother's Crown" just in time for Mother's Day!

custom birthstone paintings by Beverly Gurganus

A Mother's Crown 8x10 oil on Canvas


If you haven't learned by now, crowns have become my thing, and I am always dreaming up ideas on how to paint them.  I have shared in previous blog post about how my Children of the King: Twirly Dresses was birthed with the intentions to send a message of value to young girls about their value.  I'm not talking about the prideful kind of value, but the value they have to their heavenly father.  We live in a world full of expectations, labels, and comparisons.  Twirly Dresses is a colorful reminder to embrace who we were created to be, and when you are happy, you can't help but to dance and twirl.


Twirly Dresses oil paintings by Beverly Gurganus

Christy Nicole 16x20 oil on canvas from Twirly Dresses collection


Children of the King portraits is an extension to Twirly Dresses making the concept of us being children of THE KING more personal.  Children dream about fairy tales of Princes and Princesses, and what better way to remind them of their value than to create a visual for them to see everyday.  


Children of the King oil paintings by Beverly Gurganus

Prince Oliver 8x10 oil on canvas 

Being a mother is the hardest, most important, rewarding life long job any woman will ever have. Moms are the queens of their domain, and their children are the precious stones in their crown. 


custom oil paintings for mothers

A Mother's Crown is inspired by Queen Victoria's blue sapphire crown and celebrates motherhood making it a one of a kind gift that is perfect for a family gallery wall, office, or bedroom oasis. Commissions are now open, but spots are limited for Mother's Day so get yours commissioned so you don't miss out.  Commission your custom A Mother's Crown here. 




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