A New Beginning Eco Fashion Presentation and Benefit Gala Update

A New Beginning Eco Fashion Presentation and Benefit Gala Update

Last month I was invited to attend A New Beginning: A Eco Fashion Presentation and Benefit Gala and bring along some of my Children of the King paintings.

It seems like January was a long time ago, but I keep reminding myself that it was just last month.  Isn't it crazy how time works?  My granddaughter's birth seems like it was just a few days ago, and not 5 months ago.  On the contrary, it has felt like much time has past since Christmas. Anywho, I promised to share with you  more about January's event A New Beginning.

A New Beginning with The Butterfly House

The Butterfly House

(Char Miller, Founder of The Butterfly House, and I)

My first experience of a gala was so nice...beautiful evening gowns and suites with bow ties everywhere you look; like an adult prom.  The Sandler Center was the perfect backdrop for such an occasion, and their staff was so friendly as they would take time to chat a bit when passing by my display.  

My table was near the main entrance making it a chilly (it was a cool breezy night), but nice spot as the guest had to pass by on their way to the performance hall.  I met so many nice people who kindly took time to look at and share encouraging comments about my work.  Many asked questions about my inspiration, inquired about custom paintings, and happily took my information.  The crown wrapped chocolates were a big hit, too.


Children of the King candies

(Fun size chocolates wrapped with crown and jewel)


Beverly Gurganus  A New Beginning Gala

Beverly Gurganus A New Beginning Gala

Joseph Aloysius' Eco Fashion show was breath taking, and the performances from the singers were just as lovely.  Both beneficiary organizations, VBJI and The Butterfly House, addressed the guest with the need of awareness and prevention of Human trafficking.  The Butterfly House also spoke about the need for a long term safe haven for rescued minor girls to receive the healing they need to reclaim a healthy free life.  

I walked away from this amazing night feeling

1.  Very encouraged with the love and support I received from the guest.  It is not an easy thing to put your heart and soul in front of people, and that is exactly what my collection is...my heart exposed.

2.  Assured that this collection has a greater purpose than to be pretty paintings to fund my business.  I don't know exactly to what extent, but I'm grateful for how much or how little impact it makes as long as long as it's message is heard.

3.  Blessed to see many come together for the common goal of taking a stand against human trafficking and to fight for these boys and girls.

It was a night I will always remember!


I can't end this post without showing you some photos from the fashion show and performances.  I think you, too, will agree with me when I say again how stunning Joseph's designs are.

(The next few photos are credited to ENJEWL, who organized this event.)

The Butterfly House

Joseph Aloysius Eco Fashion

Joseph Aloysius Eco Fashion

A New Beginning Eco Fashion Show

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