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The Power of Color.

Color has a magical way of influencing our emotions, as it can stimulate a variety of responses.  Cool colors like purple, blue, and green can produce soothing and relaxing feelings such as tranquility and rest. Warm colors such as red, yellow and orange can promote energy and appetite.  Highly saturated or vibrant colors can bring a sense of joy, excitement, passion while muted colors can create feelings of quiet and relaxation.  Color is a powerful tool for artists as it can be intentionally used within a work of art to evoke specific responses and experiences.


finding rest moody landscape oil painting by beverly gurganus

Finding Rest

This year I have felt a pull towards change in my paintings.  You may know my work as joyful, bright, colorful, and full of life.  Art that pulls you in with a bit of nostalgia.  I is my intention continue to bring you positive and uplifting works in an aesthetically pleasing way but in a soothing way.


Creating a mood of quiet and rest through a muted earthy palette.

Dark earthy colors such as burnt sienna, ultramarine blue, and yellow ochre, have the ability to quiet the noise around us creating a sense of tranquility.  These neutral earth tones draws the viewer close and invites them to embrace the moment of stillness.


marshlands original landscape in oil by beverly gurganus


If I could sum up 2023 thus far with one word it would be Noisy.  I have found myself in a season of craving moments of silence and peace.  How about you?  Do you feel like the world is getting noisy?  Do you need a way to escape the noise even if it is in small little moments?  If you have answered yes to all three of these questions, I have something coming that is intended just for you.


beautifully broken original shell painting in oil by beverly gurganus
Beautifully Broken

New Collection Coming...

I am creating a collection of shell paintings using a limited palette of dark earthy colors.  These paintings feel intimate and peaceful.  The dark backgrounds with dramatic light creates a type of quietness that makes you want to whisper while coming in close to view its details.  I can't wait to release these to you.  Until then, check out my collection of daily paintings.  These paintings were the start of my love for dark earthy colors and dramatic light.
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Thank you for your kind words and for visiting my little corner in the cyber world. These are some of my favorites, too. Would love to hear your thoughts about the new collection.



Can’t wait until the new collection releases…love the one on this blog page!


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