Are you a control freak?

Are you a control freak?

I am a control freak!  I like to have things planned, how it will be executed, what to expect, and what the final out come will be.  Spontaneous will never be a word that describes me, and last minute changes of plans can ruin my day (at least that is how it seems until I digest the "change" and realize it really isn't so bad).

This problem with control has been a hurdle that I need to get over often when it comes to my paintings.  I have a process in which I plan my paintings, first by envisioning how I think it should look, then collecting reference photos, sketching out my vision, and lastly executing the painting.  Doesn't sound too bad, right?  The problem occurs in situations like my recent painting of "Pink Peony" a 6" x 9" mixed media (watercolor and acrylic).

As usual, I began this painting with a vision of how I wanted the finished product to look.  As I worked and added layers of watercolor; I was growing very frustrated with the painting.  I took several breaks hoping that when I return I would know where I was going wrong and then...I could fix it.  I reworked this painting a few times until I started to feel defeated.  I took out a fresh sheet of watercolor paper with plans to start over, but I looked at the painting again.  I'd put so much time into it already, so I decided to not give up rather surrender control.  I began to explore other ideas while accepting whatever the outcome would be.

It was at that point of surrendering control that I loosened up and freed my creativity.  I love the finished painting, and my new collection of botanical paintings is now moving into a new direction that wasn't planned.  

Sometimes you just have to let the painting lead you. 

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