Delicate Flowers and Metallic Gold

Delicate Flowers and Metallic Gold

My latest collection of small watercolor paintings is releasing today and I’m beside myself with excitement to be sharing them with you.


Do you remember last year’s Christmas ornaments?  I painted vintage inspired florals with metallic gold accents on them, which was totally non-traditional for Christmas, but I wanted to create beautiful ornaments that could be enjoyed year-round.  Anyhoo, since then I’ve had this idea to paint small paintings like those ornaments for you who prefer framed art.


Vintage Floral Ornaments | Beverly Gurganus Fine Art

I have been drawn to vintage over the past year to year and half.  Could it be because I’m getting older and that which is now deemed vintage is familiar and carries childhood memories, or maybe it brings a feeling of simpler days unlike the current world we are living in?  Maybe it is a combination of both, but either way, it has inspired my Vintage Babes collection (girls in big hats and swim suites), the Ornaments, and now this new collection of flowers I'm calling “Vintage Victorian”.


Vintage Victorian | Watercolor Florals | Beverly Gurganus Fine Art

All six originals in this collection are painted on 100% cotton paper and measures approximately 6” x 8”, and they can be easily matted using a standard 8” x 10” mat with a 5” x 7” window to fit a standard 8” x 10” frame (8” x 10” matting is optional with for an additional charge).   If you want a custom look that will make a bigger statement, go larger with your mat.  The window should remain 5” x 7”, but increase the width of the matt around the window to fit a larger standard or custom size frame.


Vintage Victorian | Watercolor Florals | Beverly Gurganus Fine Art

Prints?  I will be offering these as fine art prints at later time, but one thing to consider when deciding whether to get a print or original is although a print is beautiful and more budget friendly, there is some qualities you can’t duplicate in a print.  For example, the metallic gold paint will not translate as beautifully on a print as it is on the original.


One more thing before I go and let you get to your day…

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Are you still selling the ornaments?

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