Do The Thing!

Do The Thing!

There is a popular audio on Instagram that creatives and small business owners are using in their reels and It goes like this...

"Do the thing" 

"I can't" 

"Stop thinking about it and just do it" 

 "I don't have it totally figured out yet"                                     

"Learn on the go"

"I don't want to mess it up"                                                                                   

"But messing up is how we learn"


Beverly Gurganus Fine Art


This is an internal battle that I have fought for the past 5 years as a small business owner, and the longer I have been in business, the harder the battle has become.  It is physically exhausting and mentally draining.

Fear is powerful when we give it power.  I believe a little fear is healthy to an extent because it keeps us on guard and cautious, but giving it the power to control us is when it becomes problematic.

How does fear control us?  Through lies.  How many times have you had an idea but you found yourself talking yourself out of executing that idea?  Have you thought of why this happened or continues to happen?  I have recently started to examine my thought process as to why I can't follow through with some of my ideas, and it boils down to one thing...fear.  Fear has told me if I can not perform any task "perfectly" then it would be worse than not doing anything, and I have been believing that lie for most of my life.

There is no such thing as perfection.  Perfection is false ideology that we tend to believe, and this puts a huge burden on ourselves.  Perfect has dangled itself over my head for most of my adult life, and I'm just realizing why.  After so many years of trying to be perfect, I have learned that it is all about acceptance.  Fear has told me that if I can't look perfect, have a perfectly clean home, be a perfect wife and mother, perfectly run my business, people will not approve or like me.  Where the root of this started?  I'm not sure and I'm no therapist, but realizing this about myself and coming to grips with it already has me feeling free.  I'm having to remind myself that perfection on this earth is impossible.

So... what is the purpose of sharing this with you?

1.  I know that I'm not alone.  There are others who are struggling with this mindset that is weighing them down and keeping them from chasing their dreams.  I want to tell you, it is okay to not be perfect.  No one but yourself wants perfection.

2.  I needed to share my thoughts publicly because facing my fears will be hard and it will be a slippery slope that I will more than likely slip downward here and there, but I pray this is a step in the right direction towards silencing the lies.

3.  I hope you will stick around.  I have ideas that I haven't followed through with because of fear, but I pray this year will be the year when I just "do the things".  One thing I can promise is it will not be perfect.  My blog post will have grammar mistakes, I will get tongue tied when I speak, and my process will not be by the "book", but I won't let those things stop me anymore.

How about you?  What dreams are you not chasing because of fear?  Join me and let's make this year the year we take away fear's power.


 Beverly Gurganus Fine Art



BGart will be closed until January 3rd for a much needed time off with family  (I have two new grandchildren to spoil).  I hope each of you have a beautiful Christmas making memories with your family and a very happy New Year!

See you Next Year.



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