Family Flower Gardens That Are Just As Unique As You | Beverly Gurganus Fine Art and Home

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Family Flower Gardens That Are Just As Unique As You | Beverly Gurganus Fine Art and Home

Have you ever thought about how your family would look if you were flowers in a garden?  Me either until recently, and now I can't stop imagining all the beautiful combinations that make up each family.

Family Flower Garden | Birth Flower print | Beverly Gurganus Fine Art and Home


If you are new around here you may not know much about my monthly free printables.  Each month, I offer one of my paintings to you (my subscriber) for free.  It is my way of show my appreciation for your faithfulness in following my art journey as member of my art family.  Plus, you can keep your walls fresh with new art each month.

For my 2020 printables I decided to work in a theme so that you could have a year's worth of art that could hand beautifully together giving you a great option for a gallery wall.  Botanicals (flowers) seemed perfect, so I went with Birth Flowers, and this collection of flowers has been my favorite group of printables thus far. (If you want to receive my monthly printables, you can update your      subscription at the bottom of this email.  Be sure to select the option  collections, releases, freebies, and sales).

Family Flower Gardens | Birth Flower prints | Beverly Gurganus Fine Art and Home
So... back to the family flower gardens.  I've had this idea swirling around in my brain since the past Fall to create a digital family flower garden using the birth flowers from my 2020 printables.  I designed a sample using my own family, and I fell in love with it.  I tested the waters to see if others would love them just as much as I did (I can be a little partial).  So I posted it on Instagram and Facebook. 
Family Flower Garden | Birth Flower prints | Beverly Gurganus Fine Art and Home  


These prints are not just beautiful but also meaningful, and now you can get one for yourself, or for a gift.  How sweet would this be for grandparents?

  I'm offering these custom flower gardens as a 8x10 or 11x14  fine art print on luxurious velvet paper and printed using archival inks.  Once you complete your order here, email me the birth month of each member in your family and I will design your garden.  Once designed, you will receive a photo of your garden for approval before packaging and shipping.

I look forward to creating your family flower garden portrait.

- Beverly


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