Excited To Be Featured In the Chesapeake's Clipper

Excited To Be Featured In the Chesapeake's Clipper

It was a privilege to sit down with Bob Ruegsegger, a correspondent with the Chesapeake Clipper, in mid October to share my story.  His calm and friendly spirit eased my nerves (I'm a bit of an introvert), and conversation became as if I were talking with an old friend over coffee.

The interview started in my home studio where we talked about my desire for art, my past profession as an art teacher, my inspirations, my preferred subject matter and mediums, my reasons for waiting until now to take this large leap in my art career, and my visions for the future.  All questions that I have considered and asked myself over and over again.

    {As artist, our choice over mediums, subject matter, and dreams are all answered easily as we work our craft, but when and how to start a full time art career is quite daunting. When do you know you are ready?  There isn't a "one size fits all" answer.  For me, I just felt I was ready...not because my craft was mastered (it will never be mastered), but because my growing confidence made me ready.   What path do you take?  This, too, depends on each individual person.  Research, research, and research... then choose what fits you best. For me, it helped having an artist friend taking the same journey...find other artist and seek their advise.  I recommend reading Art Inc. by Lisa Congdon...you can find it here. }  

After several studio photos (I'm a typical girl that needs to approve the photos) the interview moved outdoors where I get most of my inspiration.  I wrangled up one of my chickens, and we talked about the different breeds along with the in's and out's of keeping chickens.  We finished the interview with more photos.

I'm honored to have my story written by Bob Ruesegger, and for it to have been featured in the Clipper.

You can find the full story here.



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