Fiddle Leaf Fig in Pink

I am loving these "long lazy days" of about you?

Ok, days are not exactly lazy as I have been balancing gardening, home projects, art business, and family time, but my days have been slower.  Maybe it's the added hours of daylight, or the allowance of a flexible schedule that gives me the feel of a slower day.  I'm not sure, but it really is a nice change of pace from the hectic school year.

Summer is a time to explore and experiment new subjects, mediums, and or techniques.  I'm not immersed in painting collections, but rather giving myself the freedom to paint whatever speaks to me.  This allows my creative juices to flow, and helps provide ideas for future works.

Oh Sweet Summer time, why must you be only three months?

Ocean, waves, tropical, bahamas, oil painting, beverly gurganus art

The Beauty of the Ocean 11x14 oil on canvas

What do you think of when you think of Summer?  This is the question I asked myself when I was deciding on what I wanted to offer you for the July's monthly print.  Summer vacations came to mind and then I began to think of sand covered toes, warm suntanned skin, tropical breezes, and beautiful leafy plants.  That's it, large leafy plants!  

A new fiddle leaf fig plant has taken up residence by the window in my family room, and its leafs are large with perfect shades of green.  It may not be a tropical plant (I'm not sure...this is a new plant for me) but It called to me from across the room "Paint me."  So I did.

fiddle leaf fig, watercolor, plant painting, tropical, beverly gurganus art, pink, green

Fiddle Leaf Fig in Pink  8x10 watercolor

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