Finding Calm in the Covid Storm | Beverly Gurganus Fine Art

Finding Calm in the Covid Storm | Beverly Gurganus Fine Art

Finding Calm in the Covid Storm | Beverly Gurganus Fine Art

Entering the new year I never dreamed we would be living this with Covid-19, and boy did the waves of fear and uncertainty beat against my cozy little boat tearing my sail and making me feel like I lost any anchor to hold me steady!


Clouds in oil | Beverly Gurganus Fine Art


I had so many wonderful ideas and plans for my art, and I couldn't wait for what the new year would hold.  January and February was a great start and confirmed the feeling that 2020 would bring the benefits of the past 3 years of hard work building this small business. But then March came and popped my bubble with the largest, sharpest, needle.  I felt the fear of this invisible monster,  the uncertainty of what the coming days would bring,  the overwhelming stress of new responsibilities, the loneliness from being disconnected from outside support as we social distanced, and the confusion over what was real news and what was fake news due to all the inconsistent reports.  I struggled showing up in my studio everyday with the weight of all these emotions.


sketchbook | Beverly Gurganus Fine Art


Then God put this thought in my heart... If I am struggling with these emotional highs and lows then there are others dealing with it, too.  I thought of those who were sick with covid, those who are on the front lines like our first responders and doctors,  the elderly who couldn't have visitors from their family, and the many employees who lost their jobs.  This was when I decided to start painting small original paintings that can easily be mailed to others as a reminder that they are not alone, they are loved, and they are prayed for.

Sketching and creating these little minis, became one of the ways I calmed the storm of emotions because those moments in my creative space, I was no longer thinking of the latest covid results. I imagined the recipients opening their mail box and finding my "virtual arms" wrapped tightly around their necks reminding them that they are loved.  That is how I came up with the phrase  "virtual hugs" to describe my minis.

landscape mini | Beverly Gurganus Fine Art

Then, I received request to turn some of these designs into greeting cards.  Oh, I loved that idea!   Creating something beautiful and aiding others in sending their own virtual hugs just made my heart so happy.  So, I created and launched two card sets, Pretty Blooms and Taste of Summer (most popular).

father's day greeting cards | Beverly Gurganus Fine Art


 I'm excited to announce that I have just added my newest cards to my shop just in time for Father's Day.  They are bright, colorful, fun, and perfect for the out doors-y, camping, sailing, fishing father in your life. I chose to keep these cards blank inside so you can make these more special and personal by giving you plenty of space to express your love and appreciation in your own words.

The economy is slowly opening back up, but if you are like me and are still limiting how much you go out into stores (not a fan of masks), then finding a beautiful card to give to the father in your life is as easy as typing on your computer keys or cell phone.  I give you 2 options on how you receive your card/s.  You can either purchase as a digital download saving on shipping cost, or you can have me print, package and ship to you.  Learn more about the Great Outdoors collectionAny card orders needing to be shipped for Father's Day closes Thursday, June 11th.

I hope that you are taking time to silence the noise even if its just for a small moment in your day, and find ways to better love others because. when we focus on bringing joy to others, the waves that once seemed to great to withstand, will no longer seen so strong.


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