How To's and Tips: Framing Your Art

How To's and Tips: Framing Your Art

Framing your art can be a daunting task...

Framers can offer a plethora of options in wood finishes, colors, widths, and styles as well as a range of prices leaving one overwhelmed and frustrated.  I have found a few resources that can help make framing less intimidating.

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is an article written by Daniel Grant @ The Wall Street Journal.  Daniel turned to some experts to get some great advice on framing art. You can read the article How To Choose the Right Frame for Your Art: Practical and Aesthetic Tips for Making the Most of a Piece  here.

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I like how Daniel Grant breaks it down to frame (or no frame), matte, and glass options that is dependent on the type of art you are displaying.



Lets look at an article by Dan with on How to Match the Correct Frame to Your Art.  You can read it here.


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Dan breaks it down to three easy steps to consider when choosing a frame.  Three steps... we can do that, right?!



lets look at Kit Pollard's advice found at Choosing the Right Frame.  You can read it here.


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Did you notice a consistent theme with all three of these articles?  The writers all capitalized on the same points...When choosing a frame, choose one that will not take away from the art, but rather compliment it, consider what you are framing, and consider where it is going to hang.  

I hope these articles have helped to simplify the task of finding just the right frame to showcase your investment for many years to come.






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