Friday's Feature: Blowing Bubbles

Friday's Feature: Blowing Bubbles

I am inspired by the life around me.  The beautiful country side, the ocean, flowers, greenery, animals...pretty much all things nature.  I also love to paint/draw my children, and when I find myself itching for girls are my muses.

I shared in a previous "Friday's Feature" some drawings I did of my youngest when she was a teeny baby, and how much I love those drawings.  Well, I'm gonna share with you another one of my favorites.

"Blowing Bubbles"  9x12 graphite on paper

My daughter Casey has the most beautiful eyes, and to this day she gets questions as to whether or not her eye lashes are real.  I tease her saying her lashes look like long spider legs when she wears mascara.  Umm, seriously ladies... they go on for dayz!   I love how the drawing pulls me right into those eyes.

Casey is my middle daughter, but for her first 10 years she was the baby.  She was a happy go lucky little girl, and full of energy...a total opposite of my oldest. [Isn't it funny how different your children can be?] You could always count on hearing her contagious laugh when she was around. She was fearless, loved gorillas, and sported lots of bumps and bruises (thankfully no broken bones)...she was as close to a boy as we were going to have, Ha Ha.

My oldest is four years older than Casey, and because she is shy, Casey did more posing for me when I needed a model.  At the beginning of my Drawing IV semester, I was exploring several ideas for the series we were required to create.  One of my ideas included children at play so I took lots of photos.  This drawing was done in my sketchbook as I was developing ideas for my series. Although I went a different direction with the series, this drawing remains a favorite and has made it's way into a frame that now hangs in the hallway of my home.



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