Friday's Feature: Christina Rose

Friday's Feature: Christina Rose

This week's feature is near and dear to my heart.  My husband and I (early in our relationship) decided that we would have 2 know, the all American family, 2 kids, dog, house...etc.  We also said that our family would be complete by the time I hit my 30's (hubby is 4 yrs older than me).  We were right on track with our plans.  I had my first at the age of 22 yrs., and the second at 26 yrs. allowing us to have some active years left when they were grown.

Well... our plans are not always God's plans, and sometimes (well more times than not) we don't really know what we want or need.  Spring of 2006 I found out that I was expecting another little.  To say we were happy wouldn't quite be true.  We were in shock because an unexpected wrench was thrown into our plans.  

I was 35 yrs old, and we had one teenager and one pre teen.  According to our plans, we were half way to our children being "Adults" and that meant we would still have some time together to travel [or whatever we wanted to do] before we hit our elderly years.  We weren't ready to start proofing the house, diapers, formula, babysitters, potty training (ugh...not that again!), and sleepless nights.

It took us a bit to get over our selfish attitude and accept the gift we were given.  The ultra sound revealed we were having girl #3. { Let me just say that we didn't name our first two girls after anyone...we just picked names that started with the letter "C" and that we loved.}  My husband's mother had passed away a couple of years prior, and we decided that we wanted this little girl to carry part of her name so we decided to name her after both our mothers.  

My mother's name is Xzanna Christine, and my mother in law's name was Shirley Rose.  We went with both our mother's middle names giving us Christina Rose.  

(Christina Rose l  9x12 Graphite)

(Christina Rose ll  9x12 Graphite)

We were just as much in love with her at first sight as we were with our other girls, and because we knew how fast time travels, we tried to treasure all the moments we had with each stage of her growing up.  The above drawings were drawn from photos that I took when I held her in my arms promising myself to make every moment last.  No matter how hard I tried to slow down the moments, they still flew by.

These two drawings are some of my favorite pieces that I have done.  Not for their mastery of skill, but because of the memory it captured making that small moment last forever.

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