Friday's Feature: Grandma Burchett

Friday's Feature: Grandma Burchett

Growing older (aging) is something that I've always viewed as a negative process, but it has brought many positives (blessings if you will) along the journey.  My husband and I know each other like we know ourselves and in some ways more.  Remember those early years of marriage when you were use to doing things one way and your spouse did them another way.  What was once your way and his way became "our way".  You really begin to function as one... I don't know how long it took for that to happen (it just happened), but after 28 years of marriage, we are there. 

My children are turning into adults (2 out of 3), and I'm transitioning fro disciplinarian to friend.  I love shopping décor, sharing recipes, and just hanging out with my big girls.  Don't get me wrong, I still love that I have my younger girl, and I would never wish her childhood away. 

With age, you are wiser, and you see things differently.  There is a certain fun in the care free mentality, but being grounded and living life with a purpose is so much more rewarding.  Do you remember when your elders would say "Don't waste your youth"?  The funny thing is you really don't understand that until you no longer have your youth...Am I right?

There are many other blessings, but there are some down sides too.  The older I get, the more frequently I hear of a loved one passing away.  You know, the people who helped shape you into the person you are today departing into the next life leaving you with nothing but memories.  It is the cycle of life that is one of the hardest to go through.

This brings me to this week's Friday's Feature...

 Grandma Burchett  11x14 oil on canvas

I grew up with one set of grandparents since my Dad's parents passed away before I was born.  I enjoyed traveling to West Virginia several times a year to go to "grandma's house"  What is it about grandmothers and their homes?  It is just magical!  My grandmother loved to sew (she made the most beautiful quilts, and I treasure the one she made for me), and she would make a little money doing alterations for people.  She also did other crafts ('s in my blood).  Waffles, endless selections of dry sugary cereal, biscuit bread and gravy, pop (anything carbonated was pop), and her closet of toys are what we looked forward to.  She also lived walking distance to a old town vintage grocery where we could buy candy for a penny...Ah the good o'l days. 

This past January marked two years since she left this earth, but her memories will always be a part of those who loved her and those she invested in.  The day I heard of her passing, I scouted all the Facebook photos that family and friends were posting in remembrance of her, and found a picture of her sitting with my cousin.  Then I began this portrait of her.  I love how this captures her so well...Isn't she the perfect little grandma? 

(This painting was gifted to my mother, and it continues to hang in her home.)

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