Friday's Feature:  Maggie

Friday's Feature: Maggie


I love a good story especially one that helps me relate to someone or something.  When shopping at estate sales or antiquing many interesting items can be found, but when the history of that piece is unveiled, it becomes something special.  The who's, what's, when's, where's, and how's creates a connection to that piece that may not exist if those stories are never told.  Everything has a story, and it just needs someone to tell it.  That is what I plan to do with my Friday's Feature...tell the stories behind my paintings.  Each post will feature one painting, and I will share its story.

"Maggie"  (Down On The Farm collection)16x20 oil on canvas

Our family loves the mountains...we love the beach too, but the mountains is our preferred place.  My husband introduced me to the Great Smokey Mountains shortly after we were married.  His family vacationed there every year, and we have continued that tradition in our family.   It is safe to say that the Smokey Mountains is our second home.When our family grew from 2 to 4 (and then later 5) we started renting cabins because three children in a small hotel room...hello, that only works for a short time before fights break out.  We like to have enough space so that we can do things together as a family, but also have space to get alone for some quiet time. 

One of our favorite cabins was "Casey's Cabin" (which was kind of funny because our daughter's name is Casey)


(My daughter Casey with Maggie)

Casey's Cabin was surrounded by farms, fields, and pastures as well as wooded areas on the mountain to explore.  Right along side of the cabin was the pasture that lived one lonely horse waiting to greet us.  When we left and returned...she was there,  and when we woke in the morning...she was there.  My girls are all horse lovers, and they loved every minute of petting her, feeding her apples, and talking to her.  We agreed to call her Maggie after Maggie Valley, NC (the place we always stay in the Smokies). 

The next time we returned to that cabin Maggie was no where to be found.  We were so sad to not see her, but glad that we took many photos to remember her by.  With every stroke of the paint brush, I found myself revisiting the excitement my girls expressed over having Maggie close by.


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