Friday's Feature: Out of Ashes

Friday's Feature: Out of Ashes

I have been thinking about the feature for this week, and how I can tie my Friday's Feature in with Easter.  I have a chick painting, I have a bunny painting, and I even have flowers and eggs, but I didn't want to feature something so literal and cheesy just so it "fit" the holiday.

I began to think of the deeper meaning of Easter and Spring.  When I think of Spring, I think of new life.  The once baron tree branches are now bringing forth leaves and seeds, and shrubs wear its new leaves ( that change the bush from a deep dark green to bright warm green) with pride.  Brown grass is now green, flowers break through the once cold soil filling the yard with color, and the air grows warmer bringing gardens to life with some of nature's best music like birds singing, and bees buzzing.  Are you starting to see this picture in your mind?  Good.

When I think of Easter, I think of similar attributes.  Christ... Came to earth, Lived a perfect life,  Died for our sin, and Rose again.  When we accept this gift, our old man is crucified with Christ and we are reborn into a new man (Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature:  old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new  2Cor 5:17).  So If I were to give this season a theme, I would say... REBIRTH.

"Out of Ashes"  9 x 12 Charcoal on paper

I mentioned on one of my previous features about my church catching fire, and the sanctuary burning to the ground.  Well, during this time, I was teaching a home school co-op art class.  I taught 1st - 2nd, 3rd - 5th, and middle school - high school (I think that was how the grades were divided).  Anyways, one of my high school students (who happened to be the Pastor's son) came to me after class with this bag full of several black objects.  He began to say..."Mrs. Gurganus, do you think you can draw a piano using these?"  He opened the bag so I could examine its contents.  It looked like charcoal, but not exactly. "What is it?" I asked.  He told me about how he was at the church walking through the remains of the sanctuary when he collected chard pieces from the church piano.  Yup, burnt pieces of wood is what was left of our church piano and that was what he had in that small plastic sandwich bag.  I agreed that his idea of drawing a piano from the piano would be unique and special (even though I wasn't sure if it would lend itself for a drawing.

The above drawing is the result of that art student who had the grand idea and allowed me the privilege to execute it.  The piano was drawn with the burnt piano pieces (although, I did add some drawing charcoal to the areas that needed the darkest values). 

Out of ashes comes life...sometimes we need to be pruned to bring forth fruit, and sometimes we need to be put through the fire (like the potter putting his clay in the kiln) to be stronger.  The process is never easy, but if we are patient and trust the creator, the end will be worth it all. Oh...and where that old sanctuary sat; a newer more beautiful sanctuary sits.

Wishing you all a Happy Easter!

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