Friday's Feature: See You In the Morning

Friday's Feature

As artist there is nothing as honoring as to be given the privilege of capturing a memory or loved one/s for someone, and it brings joy to my heart to see how happy it makes them...I get goosies just thinking about it. 
I was approached by a group of women who wanted a portrait done for a special lady, and since this painting hits you right in the heart (or it will after I tell the story) is this week's Feature Friday.
Vicki is one of those ladies that brighten up a room as soon as she enters.  She greets everyone with a smile and a hug, she asks how each one is doing, and she is quick to give you any encouragement you need.  She is what I call an encourager, and the type of person everyone loves to be around.  Her encouraging spirit has helped many families that have crossed her path in the hospital where Vicki worked as a NICU nurse.  I hope you can begin to imagine the person Vicki is... you know, always thinking of others.
Within a time span of a couple years, Vicki's world was turned upside down.  She lost a 2 yr. old granddaughter from a freak accident.  It was horrifying.  My daughter was about a year old at the time and it hit me hard.  I couldn't even imaging something like that happening to my daughter.  About 2 years later (rough estimate) her grandson was diagnosed with cancer.  He fought the battle hard, but at the age of 5 he lost the battle.  If the loss of one grandchild wouldn't do you about two?  Not Vicki...she drew her strength from God, and continued to be a blessing to those around her even in her own pain.  Just months after loosing her grandson, her son (father of mentioned grandson) was also diagnosed with cancer, and on that first Mother's Day after the loss of her grandson, she said goodbye to her son.  {Sitting here telling this story has brought back all the memories, and has me all teary eyed because Vicki wasn't just someone I painted, but she is also a sweet friend.}
See You In The Morning  oil on canvas
This was painted from a photo taken of Vicki holding her grandson during one of her visits with him.  You can see how she is soaking up every moment she has left with him.  This painting (although one of my earlier paintings, and isn't evident of my work today) is one of my favorites because of the emotion I feel when I view it. 
The group of women commissioned me to paint this after the passing of her grandson, and they presented it to her at a women's fellowship.  I can still remember the look on Vicki's face that Saturday morning when the painting was unveiled...priceless.
I told you this would hit you in the heart.  I can only pray that when I go through life's storms, I will hold on to the strength of my God, and continue to love others.  Vicki, you are a blessing and a beautiful example to me!
Eddie Oil on Canvas
(Vicki's Son)

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