Friday's Feature: Tulips

Friday's Feature: Tulips

Happy Friday!

Are you ready for another Friday Feature?  As I was preparing for the release of my Floral Collection, I was pondering on what painting I wanted to feature.  In my bedroom hangs a large tulip painting that I painted several years age, and thought to myself..."that painting would be perfect for this weeks feature."


Tulips Oil on Canvas (painted 2009)

I don't have a deep thoughtful story on the reason or process of this painting.  I love tulips, and I just wanted to paint them.  This is, however, my first oil painting that wasn't an assignment for art school (painted after taking painting I).  The story begins awhile after its existence.

My church (at that time) was renovating its prophet's chamber (a place where missionaries would stay when visiting), and I was asked to decorate it.  I decided that I would hang this painting in the sitting area of the suite, and it hung there for a couple years until...the fire.  The sanctuary of the church caught fire while a missionary family was sleeping in the suite, and thankfully they were woken in time to get themselves and small children out.  The church suffered a lot of damage, and the sanctuary was nothing but rubble.  The prophets chamber was located just outside of the sanctuary, and it too suffered a lot of water and smoke damage.

Several days later when things settled down, I inquired about the painting and was quickly told that I could have it back, but the chance that it was salvageable was unlikely.  I took it anyways, and sure enough it was wrapped in the smell of smoke.  I researched how to salvage it, and then kept it in my garage for several weeks before I decided to hang it in my home.  We were surprised to see that all the smell was gone leaving no evidence of damage.  If I was to re title this painting, I would call it Survivor. 

No matter how hopeless things appear...never give up because God still performs miracles.

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