Friday's Feature: Warming Up In Winter

Friday's Feature: Warming Up In Winter

I knew when we started having unseasonably warm temperatures in February that it was temporary.  Sure enough, the past two weeks have been pretty chilly.  All I want to do during colder weather is snuggle up in a blanket, and sit in front of a fire place with coffee in hand...whose with me?

Speaking of winter weather and is time for another Friday's Feature so grab your coffee (I'll wait), and I will tell you about another painting.

Warming Up In Winter  11x14 oil on canvas

The Hampton Roads / Tidewater area of Virginia is not known for fact, just the thought of snow causes sheer panic.  The grocery stores' shelves become empty of bread and milk (ok...why bread and milk?  That has never made since to me since milk will spoil if electricity is lost.) and closing notices begin to scroll along the bottom of the television screen.  Well, for the past three years we have had a good snow every winter. 

On this particular snow day, my daughter solicited me to do a snow photo shoot.  (Discloser...I'm not a photographer, but with a good camera my photos can turn out pretty good at times.)  we got dressed, gathered props, and headed out in the freezing temps.

We tried several shots...some successful and some not.  I think we spent more than an hour trying to be creative and artistic, but the cold didn't bother us because our focus was on photographing. 

Here are couple shots from that day.

One of the photos gave inspiration for a painting.  The curls of her hair hugging the fur around the hood of the coat created beautiful movement and texture.  I felt up for the challenge of painting convincing snow.  And...who doesn't love a Starbucks coffee?  This painting is one of my most popular portrait paintings. 


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