Friday's Feature: Zentangle Portrait

Friday's Feature: Zentangle Portrait

Before I get into this weeks "Friday's Feature", Let me apologize for missing last week's post.  My oldest daughter is getting married in June, and Ive taken on the job of planning her bridal shower.  Time seemed to creep up on me, and I had to rush to design her invites.  I really should have planned my schedule better, but you know how artist can be...we tend to get lost in our paintings. (haha).


Ok, let's get to the post at hand.

This weeks feature is a combination of things that I love... Portrait, pattern, and drawing.  I love love love portraiture, maybe because it is the most challenging genre for me.  Portraiture leaves little to no room for error unless your objective isn't to capture likeness.  If your drawing is off just a hair it can keep you from achieving a likeness of your model.  Like I said...challenging, but there is nothing like the feeling when your portrait is successful.

I have this thing with patterns.  A few years ago it was an obsession, but it isn't as evident in my recent works. Zentangle is a form of art that is made up of lines and patterns.  Think "Adult" Coloring books...we've all seen those, right?  I was introduced to this art form when I came a crossed a book at Barnes and Noble, and decided to give it a try.  The word Zen in Zentangle describes this style perfectly because it promotes relaxation.  You can read more about zentangle and how it is good for relaxation here.

Zentangle Portrait l  Graphite on paper (currently hangs on display at Abracadabra, a Chesapeake hair salon)

My goal with this piece was to combine the patterns with the portrait while keeping the portrait realistic.  Her hair was the obvious choice to use for zentangles.  I love how the patterns are in keeping with the movement of the hair as well as giving this portrait some texture and whimsy.

My first Zentangle


if you are interested in giving this art form a try, I recommend it. You can create abstract works (like the above photo) or incorporate it with realistic drawings like I did.  You are free to just create.  I recommend Zentangle Basics by Suzanne can purchase it here.  You can also find tutorial videos on YouTube.  

Happy Creating!

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