From the Studio:  How do you "Cotton Bloom"?

From the Studio: How do you "Cotton Bloom"?

How do you style your Cotton Bloom print?

Hey guys!

I thought it would be fun to share with you some of the photos that my new friends have sent me of the Cotton Bloom print in their homes.  It may sound cliché, but I really do love seeing my paintings in their new homes.  I put time into painting each piece, and I grow attached to them.  I mean... why wouldn't I?  Every painting is a part of me, birthed from my own passions and creativity.  It's safe to say they are like my little painted babies, and to see them hanging or styled happily in your homes...dose this creator's heart good.

I also love décor!   My love for décor started as an early teen.  I remember getting bored easily with my bedroom so I would rearrange and re-style my room with the same decorations hoping to make the old look new.   Interior design is another form of creative expression, and so it  would make since that it would be my second career choice if for some reason I couldn't paint ever again. 


I hope you enjoy seeing the different ways others have styled the same piece of art, and that it may inspire you like it has me.


Photo by instagramer @themacadamiashop
I love how she styled the print in a dark wood frame creating contrast with the white shelves drawing your eye to the cotton painting.


photo by instagramer @the.rustic.shed

I am a fan of chippy distressed décor, and that is why I'm loving the white distressed frame Vickie chose for her print.  It goes so well with all her vintage/antique finds.


Photo from Instagramer @stylemerustic_chic

This styling brings back all the fall-ish Thanksgiving feels of the day that inspired my Cotton Bloom painting.  We celebrated Thanksgiving at my In-Laws out in the country.  The cotton fields had already been harvested, but I walked the fields gathering as much cotton that I could salvage.  That was the day I really gained a fondness of cotton stems.

Have you taken advantage of the free digital downloadable print for subscribers?  I would love for you to share "How Do You Cotton Bloom".


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