From the studio:  New Year... New Goals!

From the studio: New Year... New Goals!

Happy New Year!

I love this time of year...the beginning of a year of possibilities and new goals to work towards. It's like a closet after you've cleaned and purged all that stuff you no longer wear, need, or want. Fresh, clean, organized, and ready to fill with new more intentional items.

"Living with INTENTION means saying no to the things that aren't important to us so that we can say yes to what matters most " - unknown

I don't select a word as a theme for my new year (at least not consciously), but if I had to pick one; Intentional would be a good one to describe my goals.  Shop intentionally, eat intentionally, work intentionally,  worship intentionally, etc... Everything I do, I want it to be for purpose... life is too short to waste on the things that just becomes background noise, am I right?

What word sums up your New Year Goals?

I'm excited for this year and all that it holds, and I'm glad to share it with all of you!  

Cheers to a year of possibilities!


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