From the Studio:  Puppy Love Collection

From the Studio: Puppy Love Collection

Puppy Love is on it's way!

Last year I decided to teach myself how to use watercolors because that is one class I wasn't able to take in Art School.  How perfect was it that when I was listening to my favorite podcast "Artist Helping Artist" Leslie Saeta mentioned her 30 in 30 challenge!?  I decided that I would use that challenge as an incentive to play with watercolors everyday.  This was the birth of my Woodland collection.

I shared my 30 in 30 journey on Instagram, and I was contacted by a follower who wanted to commission a watercolor painting of her two Boston Terriers.


(The above images are edited versions of the original.  The dogs were painted together with leis around their necks)


Since then, I have received several request for a collection of dogs.  I thought about how I could paint this collection while making it fun and personal for my friends who are so faithful with their support and encouragement on Instagram.  I came up with a lil' challenge!  I asked my tribe to share a photo of their four legged family members while using the hashtag #bgartpuppylove.  I would choose my pups from that collection of photos.  The one who submitted the photo would then be entered into a drawing where one winner would be chosen at random to win a free print of their dog.  Fun, right? And... a win win!  I don't have to research to find reference photos, and my friends get the chance to have their pooch's portrait painted.

(Resse  9x12 watercolor on cold pressed paper)

My first painting was of a cute little Dauschaund named Dudley.  I just loved his sweet attentive face!  His owner was so happy that her handsome Dudley was selected, she asked permission to share a photo of his portrait on her author page along with a short feature story about my work... of course I said yes!!!  We did a short interview via messenger, and she wrote the sweetest feature about my paintings, goals, and purpose.  You can read the feature here

(Dudley 9x12 Watercolor on cold pressed watercolor paper)

 I'm having so much fun painting these pups, but I didn't anticipate how difficult it would be selecting which one to paint.  They are all so  stinkin' C-U-T-E!


If you would like a chance to have your fur baby's portrait painted, follow me on Instagram and tag your photo of your pup with #bgartpuppylove.






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