Hello 2022

Hello 2022

I can't start of my first blog post in the new year without first saying Happy New Year!!!

I pray your Christmas was full of beautiful memories, cozy evenings, and lots of time to rejuvenate your soul, and your new year is off to a good start.  We enjoyed the time we had with our children and grandchildren.  We were able to meet in person our newest grandson (and only) over Christmas.  How precious those grands are... my home was full and so is my heart.

One thing I love to do at the end of each year is to refresh and organize.  My soul needs a less cluttered and peaceful surrounding especially after the busy holidays.  Plus, an organized home and workspace sets the stage for welcoming the new year like a deep cleansing breath.

Artist Studio | Beverly Gurganus Fine Art

Now that I'm officially back in the studio from my 2 week break, I want to share a little change in my monthly printables.  I did a survey over on Instagram to see what option would be preferred... Quarterly printables or something totally different as a freebie, and quarterly printables won by a landslide.

This year's printables will consist of 4 paintings.  They will still be themed (I will share the theme in my next blog post so that this post isn't too long), they will be watercolor paintings, and they will be sent out the first month of the quarter (January, April, July, October),  I am excited about the theme, and I feel it is so fitting for the time we are living in right now.  Gah, I can't wait to blog on it, but I need time to really find the right words because there is so much feelings in them.  Just give me a second to meditate on it a bit more.

Artist Studio | Beverly Gurganus Fine Art

As far as my shop goes, I'm working on my valentine collection, and hope to get it all listed within the next week.  I will definitely keep you updated.

Lastly, I want to follow up on my previous blog post really quick.  I told you about my fear of imperfection, and how I set high standards for myself that was unrealistic.  These expectations have paralyzed me from taking action on things I wanted to do like blogging.  I felt inadequate.  This year I am giving myself the freedom to be the imperfect human that I am, and I can't even express how free that is.  I hope you can look past the grammar mistakes (there will be some) and see a more authentic me.

Beverly Gurganus Fine Art

Thank you with all my heart for faithfully traveling this journey with me over the past several years.  Big hugs and blessings to you all.


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