How to Add Plants to Your Space When You Don't Have a Green Thumb.

How to Add Plants to Your Space When You Don't Have a Green Thumb.

Are you a plant lover, but get tired of buying plants that only die?

I'm obsessed with this current trend of plants, and I want that pop of green in every room of my home.  But not every room provides the best environment for healthy plants, and I have too often bought plants just to kill them.  Am I a bad plant mom?  Should I give up and assume that I have lost my "green thumb"?  Absolutely not.  I have some plants that are thriving so it's not me it's the environment... lack of natural light, too drafty, cold, low humidity, too much humidity, etc...

snake plant

Take this snake plant, for example.  I brought this baby home a year ago, and not only is he still alive, but he has grown to the point that I will be re-potting him into a larger pot.  I also have several succulents living on my kitchen window sill that will be re-potted, too.  Why are these plants doing so well?  They are all living along the back of my home where the sun light is plentiful, but only these rooms have the privilege of sunlight.   I could just accept this and just fill these spaces with all the plants, but I'm not content with that... I want to spread the love of plants all over my home. 

So...what other options is there besides buying plants whose fate is death?

1. Faux plants.

Faux plants have come a long way from the plastic plants I knew as a kid.  Today's faux plants look so real that you will find yourself touching them to make sure they are faux. 

faux plants from Amazon

 Here are a few of my favorites from Amazon, but you can find them at your favorite home décor stores such as HomeGoods, At Home, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, and so many more.


2.  Wall Art

office space

 Art work is a great way to bring touches of green plant life into your room and walls.  I love how this office space feels so bright and fresh with the gold framed art prints, and these are low maintenance, too.  Faux plants wont die, but dusting each individual leaf is time consuming, am I right?  Art will still collect dust, but a quick wipe with a soft cloth will do the trick.  Easy Peasy! 

Below is a couple more examples of how art was used to bring a lil' greenery to a space.

plant art

Get creative with your art.  Create a gallery wall, layer your art with old windows or with other framed art, display it on a shelf, or prop it on your mantel.  Just because we call it "wall art" doesn't mean it can only be hung on your walls.

I would love to hear how you have creatively added greens to your space in the comments below...we all can learn from each other!


Looking for some plant art?  Click here to view my Going Green collection.


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