Let's get real...

Let's get real...

If you have spent any amount of time on Instagram, then you've probably heard all about the "real life" hype.  You may see photos of messy homes, faces without makeup, women in bathing suites, and children acting a little wild shared with the hashtag #reallife in the comments.  I personally, enjoy seeing those what we would call "Imperfect" moments shared; not because misery loves company, but because it confirms that I'm not alone in my struggles.  We all fall behind on our chores, have days we just don't want to wear make-up, need to loose some weight, and days when you are loosing at Mommin'.  Nothing is or will ever be perfect, and that is ok.

 Beverly Gurganus


Thursdays are usually my day to blog, and by the time that day rolls around I have my topic and thoughts all ready to go.  But not this week.  As I worked on the painting that is currently on my easel, I asked myself what are you going to blog about this week?  What do you want to share with your readers?

I began to think about my week, and how life seemed to get the best of me.  Everyday was something else (some good and some bad) that interfered with productiveness.  When you have your days planned with certain goals, it is so easy to beat yourself up if you don't get those goals checked off your list.  Anyone else feel this way?

beverly gurganus

Monday was a holiday with no school.  I love my daughter being home, but it does slow my work down.  Tuesday was an 8 hour trip to the DMV to get my driver's license renewed.  Yes, you heard that right...EIGHT hours, ugh!  Wednesday I was able to get some work done early in the morning, but then I had company the rest of the day. Today was my first productive day all week, and it felt so good to get some things done, but I felt like I lost most of the week.


So as I stood there painting and thinking about my week of unplanned circumstances that stalled my working towards checking off weekly goals, I was frustrated, but then I said to myself, "wait, why are you beating yourself up because you didn't get everything you wanted checked off your list?  Sometimes things happen that you can't control so give yourself some grace".  

Grace, that's what I want to share with all of you.  It is something we can easily give to our children, spouses, friends, etc... but it is hard to give it to ourselves.  Isn't it true?  We seem to be our worst critic, and beat ourselves up over and over again for not meeting the self-inflicted (and sometimes unrealistic) expectations.

beverly gurganus

Life is busy and trying to balance all those hats on one head is difficult for everyone.  Some days/weeks we rock those hats like a pro, but then other days/weeks they keep falling off.  All any of us can do is our best, and your best is good enough.  

So to all you who are chasing your dream (whether you're a creative or not) Congratulations, for taking that large leap of faith!  Set goals, have a plan, and work hard, but don't forget to give yourself grace when you have those unplanned hurdles that temporarily derail you.  And most importantly...


I want to thank all of you who faithfully follow along this crazy journey of mine.  I pray that if anyone of you are struggling with work, family, children, or anything else that you know you are not alone.  We may not be wearing the same shoes or walking the same path, but we are all facing some kind of struggles on this journey called life. Let's encourage and support each other! 



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Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us. When I read you post I immediately went to your blog to read it. It really isn’t just me?! I feel so insufficient and unworthy most of the time. I applaud you for opening yourself up to us…just know that you have been a blessing not only to me but to so many others. I’m taking a mucher longer look at myself today but it will be in a more positive way!


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