Meaningful Blooms | Floral Paintings | Beverly Gurganus Fine Art

Meaningful Blooms | Floral Paintings | Beverly Gurganus Fine Art

Meaningful Blooms | Floral Paintings | Beverly Gurganus Fine Art

 Meaningful Blooms is a new floral series full of symbolism and emotion.  Each painting will be released one at a time as they are completed, and the original as well as fine art prints will be available for purchase.


meaningful blooms | floral paintings | Beverly Gurganus Fine Art


I am excited to share this new collection with you, but I am also a bit nervous.  Can I successfully expose my heart in a visual way to you through the paintings?  Will they be well received with the same love that they were created with?  Will they ignite hearts and inspire change?  These are the questions I ask myself because I want to be a voice for the voiceless, and it is my prayer to have my voice joined with an entire choir of voices.

Human trafficking/child trafficking has been a silent issue for too long, and I am grateful that others are becoming aware and taking a stand.  Trafficking is flourishing and trying to fly under the radar while we are distracted with a pandemic, riots and protesting, and an upcoming election.  Children are being sold for sex, mutilation, harvesting of organs, and more.  It grieves my heart to hear that children’s lives are being devalued and treated as products.


Meaningful Blooms | floral art | Beverly Gurganus Fine Art


As I said above, I wanted to create beautiful lively paintings that are positive and lovely to look at with significant meaning.  Deliverance is the first in this collection, and we all know that there is always something extra special about firsts.

I am not a fan of telling anyone how to interpret a work of art, but for this first piece I want to share a few of the elements along with why I chose them.

Hands = strength, protection, and service

Lily Flower = love and purity

Thistle = aggression and pain, but also survival and strength

Butterfly = new beginnings, a changed life

Brick pattern in the background = community working together, strength in numbers.

 Each of the paintings in this collection will be visually different, but just as meaningful as they will share three common elements… flowers, hands, and butterflies.  Also, with every original and print sold, a portion of sales will be donated to The Butterfly House to help them as they provide a safe place for rescued minor aged girls.

Buy the original here or shop the prints.


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