Minimalist Boho Art | Art Tutorial For All Ages | Beverly Gurganus Art and Home

Minimalist Boho Art | Art Tutorial For All Ages | Beverly Gurganus Art and Home

Minimalist Boho Art | Art Tutorial For All Ages | Beverly Gurganus Fine Art and Home

Sometimes less is more, and it couldn't be farther than the truth in this minimalist boho art tutorial.  We are going to have so much fun painting this beautiful painting because any one no matter if you are a beginner or a novice painter can do this, and when you are done, you will be proud to show off your creation.

minimalist boho painting | art tutorial | beverly gurganus fine art

I'm mixing things up a bit with this lesson by linking my video tutorial so you can follow along rather than reading a lengthy typed out step by step instructional post.  Let me know if you like this format better because I want this experience to be as easy as possible so you can put all your energy into creating.

Before we move on to the tutorial, let me tell you a little about the inspiration behind this lesson.  Henri Matisse is one of the old masters, and late in life he was bound to a wheel chair.  Unable to paint the way he use to, he began to collage.  Taking paper that he covered with paint, he cut out shapes.  Some say he learned to "paint with scissors".  Using his influence with shape along with today's color blocking trend we will create our own masterpiece for our happy homes.


minimalist boho painting | art tutorial | Beverly Gurganus fine art

What you will need

Watercolor paper (I used a 9x6 cold pressed paper.)

Watercolor paints (I used Koi brand but you can use whichever quality of       paints you are willing to invest in.)

Watercolor brushes  (I used size 12 round and size 6 round)

Pencil and eraser

Permanent marker (fine tip)

Metallic gold marker or Gold watercolor paint (I used Daniel Smith's Iridescent Gold)

Sheet of copy paper

Jar of clean water

Paper towel for blotting

Spray bottle to wet your paints


As with all my art lessons I share, I ask that you share a photo of what you created so that I can celebrate your beautiful painting with you.  Send your photo via email at or tag me in a photo on Instagram.

Let's get creating!



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