New Look and New Additions Coming in 2021 | Beverly Gurganus Art + Home

New Look and New Additions Coming in 2021 | Beverly Gurganus Art + Home

New Look and New Additions Coming in 2021 | Beverly Gurganus Art + Home

Happy New Year!

I’m a little late on my New Year's greetings, but I figured if Christmas cards are still arriving due to our slow mail services then me being fashionably late is right on trend.

How has your 2021 been so far?  January didn’t feel much different than 2020 with the surge in Covid outbreaks and the Presidential election saga continuing, but I pray that things will start to calm down as we move forward.


It is becoming more and more popular to choose an inspirational word for the year rather than making resolutions.  It is something that I’ve done for the past two years, and it helps to remind me where to put my focus.  Last year’s was bravery, but covid completely derailed my focus.  So this year’s word is inspired by what we went through in 2020 because it has reminded me of why I do what I do... be a light for others, and it takes a lot of bravery to step out to serve others.  My new word for the new year reminds me of a song I learned as a child… “Jesus, Others, and You what a wonderful way to spell JOY”.  J O Y  is my word for this year.

I believe so many of us have found joy at home.  Maybe it is a new love that developed through the stay home order, or maybe you have always been a homebody like me.  Either way, many of us have put more focus on HOME.



I am embracing my love of home by rebranding my business as Beverly Gurganus Fine Art + Home (BGart+home) to not only help bring beauty into your home through positive art, but also in other ways that will also be sweet and beautiful.  These additions will be gradual since I am a one woman show and have to pace myself so don't go anywhere.


Introducing Hand-Poured Soy Candles

soy candles | beverly gurganus fine art + home


In January, I launched my first small batch of all-natural hand poured soy candles with a focus on Valentines.  Two fragrances were released, Love Story and First Love.   Although these are soft romantic aromas, they are perfect for any occasion.  You can shop these fragrances here.


hand poured soy candle | Beverly Gurganus Fine Art + Home


“These candles are wonderful.  One of the best candles I have ever purchased!  The scents are clean and natural.  A little floral, and little woodsy, but not overpowering.  I HIGHLY recommend.” 


One last thing.

I am continuing my print of the month free printables, and I have chosen to work with a theme this year just as I did last year. (Last years theme was birth flowers).  This year's theme is...

free printable art | beverly gurganus fine art + home

January's is still available as well as February's.  If you haven't signed up to get your digital print delivered monthly, you can still sign up  be sure to selection the option to receive updates on sales, events, freebies, new collections.


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