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Norfolk Academy's 38th Annual Art Show

New works will be at this year's Norfolk Academy art show.

I am so honored to have been invited to participate in this year's art show at Norfolk Academy with 4 of my newest floral hat ladies.  This event is as large as its reputation with over 130 local artists participating with at least 3 works each so to say that I'm excited to be surrounded by such talent is an understatement.

About the event:


norfolk academy 38th annual field day art show

The show is held on Norfolk Academy's campus and it kicks off April 29th at 5:30pm with an open reception.  You can begin collecting your favorite arts in person during the reception.

If you can't attend the opening reception, no worries.  You can collect via online sales, but not until 9:00pm on April 29th.  With that said, if you've viewed the "sneak peek" or "preview" on their website (opens April 14th) and you see something you absolutely must have, you will want to take advantage of the early access to the paintings at the reception as those in attendance will get first dibs.

May 6th is field day, and from 9:30am - 3:00pm online sales will be suspended so those who attend the event can have exclusive access to the arts.  Online sales will resume on this same day at 3:30pm.

The show will conclude at midnight on May 7th.  No sales can be made after this day and time.


About the Floral Hat Ladies:


behind the scenes beverly gurganus fine art
Since January, I've been a busy bee in the studio being intentional with each brushstroke to create beautiful and meaningful pieces for this event while also balancing a daily painting challenge during the month of February (you can see the daily paintings here).  It was tough some days, but in the end, I wouldn't change a thing.
floral hat holding dove beverly gurganus fine art
Promise of Hope, 20"x16" oil on canvas
Each of the three larger paintings have symbolic meaning, and has brought healing to my heart through the quiet moments of reflection as I painted.  I pray that the love and attention that was poured into these paintings is what draws you in and connects with you.  May you find healing, beauty, hope, and love as I have the past 3 months with these ladies.
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