Painting for a Purpose: The Butterfly House

Painting for a Purpose: The Butterfly House

Children of the King: Twirly Dresses is a collection near and dear to my heart!

One Sunday morning while sitting in church (I'm not exactly sure what was said to start my mind a wondering) I began thinking about being a child of God, and what that means.  I'm a child of THE KING... loved, claimed, adopted, priceless, and a princess.  This began a flood of ideas for a collection of paintings.

Twirly Dresses...

I think back to when I was a young girl, and how much I loved to twirl in my pretty dress to see how high it would rise.  "Look at my twirly dress", I would exclaim with excitement as I danced around pretending to be a princess at a ball.  

Violet Raine 16x20 oil on canvas


Oh how I long for those sweet innocent day's when no one could convince me that I was not a princess.  I reached my teenage years, and my voice, self-esteem, and confidence grew quiet with feelings of not measuring up to peers.  I witnessed this change in my older girls, and now with my youngest as she is approaching her teens.  

I want this collection to remind all girls of all ages that it doesn't matter who you are, how much money you have, where you come from, and what other's say about you...In Christ, you are royalty...a princess.


My desire for this collection was more than pretty paintings; I want it to make a difference.


Princess Rose  11x14 oil on canvas


I painted the above painting shortly after that Sunday morning for an auction to raise money for Love146, an organization that helps fight the war on human trafficking (you can learn more about Love146 here), and I shared the painting on all my social media. 

Then I met Char!  Char is a dear sweet lady who has a heart for young girls particularly those who have fallen victim to human trafficking.  It was the day she witnessed a young girl being abducted that she decided she needed to do something...anything.  She founded The Butterfly House, an organization who not only seeks to educate and bring awareness to trafficking, but also provide a safe haven for minor girls (11 yrs. old - 17 yrs. old) while providing necessary means for healing.


                               Learn more about The Butterfly House here.


How we can help...

Char is working to raise money to build the first much needed safe house for minor girls in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.  A portion of sales from this collection will be donated to help towards building this safe house.  You can help with this endeavor by...

1. Prayer.  Prayer is powerful, and we cherish all the prayers we can get for the victims, and the building of the safe house.

2.  A portion of sales from all originals as well as prints from the Butterfly House painting will be donated towards the building of the safe house.

3.  Spread the word.  Share this post on your social media inviting your friends to participate.

Let's partner together to help rescue our children one victim at a time.



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