Plein-Air Painting In the Backyard

Plein-Air Painting In the Backyard

These warm days have me wanting to be outside, and this has caused me to be distracted from being in the studio...  

Monday, I decided to get my out door fix while being productive so I took the studio out to the garden.


Plein-air painting has been on my list of things to do since the plein-air trip I took a year and half ago, but packing up the car and driving around looking for a place to paint takes a lot of motivation.  But guess what?  You don't have to take a big trip or go somewhere fancy to paint...your own backyard is a great place to paint.  There are trees, bushes, flowers, or sky... everyone has something that can be painted, am I right?

I have a small flowerbed in the back corner of my yard where I plant bulbs especially when I don't know where I want them to permanently live so this bed is kind of a holding place for flowers.  Every spring/summer I look forward to seeing what bulbs bloom cause I usually forget what I planted... Anyone else do that?

Anyhoo, this bed is the perfect place for painting florals.  I missed my chance with my Irises, but these daylilies are at its peek, and so beautiful. an added bonus, a butterfly came to visit so I incorporated it into my painting. 


Butterfly Garden  10x8 oil on canvas

My 11 year old has been begging me to do painting sessions with her, and we have come up with a summer plan to go out one morning per week (early before it gets hot) and paint together.  This not only gives her painting time with mom, but also helps me get some long over due plein-air done.  It will not be an easy task as she likes to sleep in so wish us luck!


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