Plein-Air Trip To Nellysford, VA

Plein-Air Trip To Nellysford, VA

I am a country girl at heart!  If I could...I would live in a cute white farmhouse with wood floors that squeak when you walk across them, have acres of rolling hills inhabited by all different types of farm animals and growing gardens, and spend my days painting all

"Red Barn on the Mountain"  10"x8" oil on canvas panel

the above subjects.  Instead, I live in a colonial home in the suburbs not far from the beach, less than an acre of land, small raised beds for my garden, and the closest I get to a farm is my two dogs and 5 hens.  I may not live my dream, but I'm thankful for my small suburban farm.

My family's favorite travel spot is the Smokey Mountains, and we go as often as our schedules will allow.  So when asked by a fellow artist to accompany them on a plein-air trip to the mountains of Virginia (Nellysford), I was excited!

Here I am starting the painting "Red Barn on the Mountain"

We spent 2 1/2 days there and it wasn't nearly long enough to glean all the inspiration it had to offer, but I still left with 5 paintings and a camera full of photos.

We saw fields of horses and cows, old barns (like the above painting), new barns, tree covered mountains bathing in warm lights, and the cutest town where I was sure I would find Aunt Bee.  

The trip to Nellysford has inspired an upcoming collection of paintings called "Country Escapes".  It will have paintings from that trip along with other paintings from similar travels.  

"Morning Light"  8"x10"  oil on canvas panel

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