Plein-air with Wild Flowers

Plein-air with Wild Flowers

Plein-air Tuesday called for Wild Flowers!

I visited my parents last week, and took my daughter around their large backyard to show her their fruit trees and garden.  I told her stories of the memories I had as a little girl working in the garden and picking the fruits from the trees...apples, plums, pears, figs, etc...  My father gave us fresh picked blueberries to enjoy while walking the garden...the most tastiest tour ever haha.


black eyed susans


While there, we took notice of the hedge of wild flowers that softened the chain link fence that divided the backyard from the orchard/garden.  Oh how pretty they were standing tall while soaking in the rays of the sun.  We thought they were worthy of paint so we deciding that our next plein-air adventure would be here with the Black Eyed Susans.


plein air sketch

We arrived a little later in the morning than planned, and that wasn't good due to the expected high temps.  The weather doesn't always match the forcast, but unfortunately it chose this day to align with my weather bug app...a smokin' 102 in the sun!  

The small patch of shade we found near the flowers would fade away quickly so we had to set up and paint as quickly as possible.


Christina painting flower


I haven't painted much with my daughter so I wasn't sure the level of her abilities.  She has taken art in school since 1st grade, and had never expressed much of an interest until this year.   I gave her a limited color palette... one color of her choice along with black and white. This would force her to think about values (darks and lights).  Her instructions were to paint her flower using the blue, and add white to the lighter areas and black to the shadow areas.  


christina's flower 


The heat became unbearable for her so this is as far as she was able to get.  She quickly packed her supplies and called it quits...I wasn't far behind.


wild flowers plein air

The shade seemed to quickly evaporate in the heat, and I was drenched in sweat (gross, I know) making the hour seem like 2.  The rest would be completed in the studio using a photo.


wild flowers plein air


This painting took me longer than planned because as I painted, I found myself adding more and more flowers.  I just love how the pops of purple compliments the yellow.  And... just in case your were wondering, the purple flowers are from another spot in the garden. 


Next week we have a very special plein-air planned, and I'm super excited.  Make sure you check back won't want to miss this one!  [Oh yeah, we will not plein air on Tuesday, but rather a later day next week.] 

Happy Weekend, Friends!

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