So You Want To Start An Art Business - Part Two

Taking that first step towards your dream is scary and huge.  It is normal to feel overwhelmed and fearful, but that shouldn't stand in your way.  As Sean-Paul Thomas says “Better to have tried and failed than to have never tried at all.”

In this series of blog posts I am sharing some of the things I have learned over the six years I have been running my art business.  It has been and still is a process of learning, and maybe through my experience I can help and encourage you as you start your creative business.


To recap part one (read the full post here), I encouraged you to go for it.  Don't over think it, don't wait until you are "good enough" or until you have it all figured out.  Take the leap and start the journey.  Experience will come, and you will learn and grow along the way.  Be patient with yourself and enjoy the process.

Tip Two:  Create from your heart.

Ok, so now you have taken the steps to start your business.  Created an on-line presence via social media and/or website, and officially obtained your business license.  Now what?

Find your voice and style.  If you don't already know what message you want to send the world through your creativity, then I have a few tips on how to find your voice.





1.  Write down your core beliefs. How do you see yourself, others, the world, and the future?

2. List what inspires you and what brings you joy?

3.  Use your inspirations and beliefs to start creating, experimenting, and playing.



1.  Don't copy ideas from other artists/creatives.  There is a difference in being inspired and copying. 

2.  Don't compare yourself with other creatives.  Your journey isn't going to look like another artist on Instagram or Pinterest.  Your journey could be longer, shorter, faster, slower, straight, curvy, wide, or narrow so focus on moving forward to your finish line.

3.  Don't let the market determine what you create.  It is okay to study the market, but don't let it control what you create because if it doesn't come from your heart, your values, your inspiration, then it won't feel honest and authentic.  Creating with that mindset will leave you uninspired and burned out.



As you explore subjects, techniques, colors, and mediums take notes on how those subjects, colors, mediums, and techniques make you feel.  for example, Which ones bring you joy?  Which ones are you drawn to?  Then create more of those.  Before you know it, you will discover your style.

Finding your voice and style is a process that only begins when you start creating, but don't let this process keep you from starting your business.  As I shared in part one, starting my business gave me the motivation to show up and paint/create every day.  Invite your audience into your process because they will enjoy following along in your journey of discovery just as much as seeing what you create.



I hope you have found encouragement and motivation with part two in this series, and I would love to hear from you.  Where are you in your creative business?  Just starting out, exploring and experimenting, or well on your way?  Let me know in the comments.

Happy Discovery!

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