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What Defines Home | Beverly Gurganus Fine Art

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What Defines Home | Beverly Gurganus Fine Art


I have been thinking a lot about home lately, and how I would define it.  Maybe because of the recent house portraits I’ve painted or maybe because of this season of staying at home (probably both).  Either way, it has been on my mind.

Home is where dreams are made, new chapters begin, and stories end.  It’s being carried over the threshold, welcoming a new baby, hot meals around the table talking about the day, holiday celebrations, birthday parties, family movie nights, seeking wise council, laughing, crying, and praying together, high school graduations, collage diplomas, planning weddings, and saying goodbye.  It’s waiting for the kids to return home for a visit and holding the first grandchild. Home is our own little warm, cozy, and safe part of the world where we feel free to let life happen. Home is where our story begins and ends.

house portrait | Beverly Gurganus Fine Art

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