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Shop For a Cause | Child Trafficking | Beverly Gurganus Fine Art

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Shop For a Cause | Child Trafficking | Beverly Gurganus Fine Art

Shop for a Cause | Child Trafficking | Beverly Gurganus Fine Art

 I have talked about my burden for children, and more specifically those who are victims of trafficking in past blog posts, but I’m ashamed to say that my voice has been quiet lately.  Life has a way of sneaking up on us and distracting us from some really important issues (not that all distractions aren’t equally important, but they can demand more of our attention than we need to give).


Princess Portrait | Beverly Gurganus Fine Art


So, imagine the convicting blow to my heart when I opened social media on a recent Monday morning just to see an article that broke me.  Even if the accusations in the article are not true (and I pray they aren’t), it was non the less a wake up call equivalent to being woken abruptly from a deep sleep.  I have failed these children, and the thought of them in a dark room praying for someone to come and free them is unbearable.  I was reminded how urgent this issue is and how I CAN NOT stay silent…I need to do better.

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