The Art Room: One-Pt. Perspective

The Art Room

Boy, let me just say that my nerves were on full speed the morning of my first class. I tend to over think things and get myself all worked up, but despite my nerves, the class went so good.  The children are so well behaved, and worked so hard...made this art teacher very pleased. 

I am working with several grade levels in the same class, and although I have taught pre-school thru high school, I was a bit concerned how to teach the same objectives to different age groups in the same hour time slot.

So here is how I broke it all down...

One-Point Perspective

I introduced them to horizon line (HL) and vanishing points (VP), and demonstrated how to draw cubes into perspective using both the HL and VP.  We talked about Leonardo Da Vinci's The Last Super, and how he used one-point perspective.  I was so thrilled to see the children identify the vanishing point behind Jesus' head... I thought to myself, "Yes!  they are getting some of this."  

Showing the student's Leonardo Da Vinci's The Last Supper

The children sat by grade levels in order to make it easier for me to go to each group to give instructions and demonstrate for their assignments.  The projects were broken down into three levels, and each level increased in difficulty.   (Disclosure:  These projects were based from examples found on Pinterest)  Here is how it all broke down...

(2nd & 3rd grade)


(4th & 5th grade)


(6th & 7th grade)

Most of these children have never taken an art class before so perspective was foreign to them, but I feel that they did well for their first attempt as you will see in the below photos. 

As I said, I was nervous that morning, and like a bumble head, I forgot to take pictures of the students working.  One mother was so kind to send me photos, but I will try to be better at getting student photos at the next lesson because if you are like me, the children's work is what you really want to see.

(Olive P. 3rd grade)


(Logan P. 5th grade)



Things I would do differently...

I believe it is a good thing to critique yourself in order to grow and improve so this is where I will share what I would change if I were to teach this lesson again.

1.  I would have involved the children in the intro of the lesson by having them demonstrate how they would draw a box, table, etc...  Then using what they drew, I would show them how to use the horizon line and vanishing point to bring that object into perspective.

2.  Before the children started their assignments, I would have allowed them to practice drawing cubes using the HL and VP to help them gain a better understanding of which lines were to be drawn to the point and which were to be vertical and horizontal.



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