The inspiration behind my latest landscape collection Worship.

The inspiration behind my latest landscape collection Worship.

The studio is in a mess with paint drying on my uncovered palette, brushes spread out on the paint stained table, and paintings laying in every available place I can find in the studio for safe drying, but it is a creative beautiful mess.

My latest landscape collection is releasing July 29th, and I wanted to share with you the inspiration that has brought this collection to my heart.



If you are new here, Welcome.  I'm thrilled to have you visit, and I hope you find inspiration, beauty, and joy in this space.  I have been working to refresh the website as well as refocus my work.  You can learn more about this in an earlier blog post Creating a Space for Beauty, Life, and Joy.

Nature plays a huge role in inspiring my work.  It's beautiful, has wonderful textures, a variety of subject matter, and it fills me with joy, but that isn't the main reason why it brings me so much inspiration.  The creator of nature is what draws me in.  His use of color, form, texture, design, proportion, pattern, and detail is proof of his perfect skill making him the ultimate master artist.  When I paint from his creation, I see him and feel close to him because creation reflects the attributes of the creator.

One Sunday evening while at church, I found myself flipping through the hymnal that I have opened so many times since I could remember, and as I turned from one familiar song to the next a seed was planted in my heart.  I began to think to myself,  "How can I marry the truths of these hymns that have been a part of my life since a young child with my paintings to bring the love of Christ to others?  The more I pondered the idea, that seed began to grow, flourish, and produce fruit...the Worship collection.

Why title this collection "Worship"?

Worship wasn't the first title I came up with.  I entertained a few ideas with one being reverence, but they didn't seem to capture the message of the collection.

I was sharing with my husband my choice to change the title to worship.  I explained, we sing hymns in church as a form of worship, and The Bible tells us in Luke 19:40 that if we (people) become silent, then the rocks will cry out.  We were created to worship, and God is worthy of our worship.  

The beauty in our created world testifies to the divine holiness and power of God, and reminds us of the importance of true worship.


My prayer for this collection is to fill your heart with peace and light, bring beauty into your home, and most importantly, point you towards the abundant love of God and the hope found in his son, Jesus Christ.
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