torn paper art lesson for early learners

Torn Paper Collage - Art Lesson For Early Learners

Today, let's dive into an art adventure that's not just about colors but also about nurturing those tiny fingers and sparking boundless creativity. Our journey? The magical world of torn paper collages!

Introduction: Picture this: little hands tearing vibrant paper, eyes gleaming with excitement, and hearts overflowing with creativity. That's the beauty of our torn paper lesson for our little artists aged 3 to 8. It's not just about creating art; it's a symphony of colors and skills coming together.

Benefits for Tiny Creatives: This activity isn't just about making something pretty. It's a developmental powerhouse! As our young artists tear, sort, and glue, they're secretly working on fine motor skills, color recognition, and even honing their ability to follow instructions. It's like a stealth mission of growth and creativity.

Torn Paper Collage

coffee cup collage by beverly gurganus fine art

What is Collage?

Collagea piece of art made by glueing various different materials such as photographs and pieces of paper or fabric on to a backing/surface.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Colorful Gathering: Equip your little ones with sheets of colored construction paper, old magazines, glue, and a canvas (large paper or cardboard).

  2. Tear It Up: Let the tearing begin! Demonstrate how to tear the paper into bits and pieces. Feel the texture, embrace the mess, and let the creativity flow.

  3. Sort & Glue: Explore the rainbow by sorting torn pieces by color. Glue them onto the canvas, creating a vibrant collage. It's their world, and they're the architects!

  4. Express Yourself: Encourage creativity by allowing them to arrange the torn pieces freely or even form shapes. This is where their unique stories unfold.

Assessing Their Masterpieces: Instead of traditional assessment, let's celebrate the process! Ask open-ended questions like, "What inspired your choice of colors?" or "Can you share the story behind this masterpiece?" It's all about appreciating their creativity and encouraging self-expression.


Download the complete lesson plan with focus and objectives.


torn paper collage early learner art lesson
torn paper landscape collage art lesson for kids

So, dear parents or teachers, let the torn paper adventure begin! Not only are we creating beautiful collages, but we're also nurturing little minds and hearts. It's a journey of growth, joy, and endless possibilities.



1.  For additional layers on the collage, allow children to use crayons, markers, or chalk to draw on their collage once the glue has dried.

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