Twirly Dress and Butterflies

Twirly Dress and Butterflies

My ultimate desire as an artist is that my art connects with its viewers, and that desire has motivated my current collection Children of the King: Twirly Dresses.

I am a mother of three girls who are ages  25, 21, and 11, and I loved to see them so happy, innocent, and free to just be a little girl.  When they'd put on a pretty dress, they were instantly transformed into a twirling princess.  This collection brings that fantasy into reality as we are children of The King!

(close up of painting)

God lead me to a wonderful organization, The Butterfly House, and after speaking with the founder, I knew this was the purpose for my collection.  This organization doesn't just create awareness about sex and human trafficking and teach girls warning signs of these abductors, but also helps rescue those already prisoned by them.  But...they want to do more.  Their desire is to build a safe house where minor aged girls can receive healing and reclaim their lives.

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Anastasia Joy  24x30 oil on Canvas

A few weeks ago I was browsing The Butterfly House's website reading their blog, mission, vision, etc... when I came across an image of fluttering butterflies in a warm palette of yellows and oranges. Those butterflies inspired this painting.  I could picture a joyful little princess twirling with a swarm of butterflies, and after a couple of weeks, this painting came to life.

Anastasia Joy seemed fitting for the title of this painting because Anastasia means resurrection, rebirth.  Isn't that what happens to butterflies?  They start off as a crawling caterpillar, and through the process of metamorphosis, they become a beautiful flying mix of colors.  This is also the hope of The Butterfly House.  They want to rescue these girls from this ugly life they were forced into and help them start a new beginning...I just love that!


Come and join me on my website on March 30, 2018 when this painting along with all the other Twirly Dress paintings become available for purchase. A portion of proceeds will go to help build the safe house so that lives can be renewed!


"Children are meant to be loved, not sold" 

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