Unique Christmas Card Idea | Beverly Gurganus Fine Art

Unique Christmas Card Idea | Beverly Gurganus Fine Art

Unique Christmas Card Idea | Beverly Gurganus Fine Art

Can you believe it is that time already to start thinking about Christmas cards?  Whaat!  I hear ya.  I’m just settling into all things Fall and not ready to let it go so I know how easy it is to put off planning for the next thing.  Christmas, however, will not wait for us to be mentally and physically ready (it’s coming ready or not) and I’m here to help you make the start of the season more personal and beautiful.

illlustrated family | Christmas card | Beverly Gurganus Fine Art

Sending Christmas cards is a classic tradition that is one of my favorites, and I like to make a whole special event out of it.  A warm drink (preferably coffee), my favorite pen, Hallmark movie, and fireplace going if it is cold enough.  taking time to send a personal greeting to all my friends and family is important to me especially for those who I can’t see often, and let’s be honest, receiving Christmas greetings is just as exciting.

My most treasured cards are the ones that are personalized.  Don’t get me wrong, store bought cards are beautiful in their own way, but I love the custom touch that makes them so much more meaningful.

What if you could create a card that takes it a bit further than just designing a card around a photograph?  Something with more personality?  I can help you create a beautiful unique card that your family and friends will continue to talk about beyond the Christmas season.


illustrated family | Christmas Card | Beverly Gurganus Fine Art

I have just launched my Custom illustrated Christmas package that lets me do the hard part for you.  You send me a family photo (don’t forget to include those fur babies), and I will illustrate it into an original painting for you to frame and enjoy for years to come.  Also, you will receive a digital vector (transparent background) file of your illustration that will make designing your Christmas card a snap.

How do I get my illustration started?  

Getting your illustration started is as easy as 1 2 3.

  1. Choose the illustration option that best fits your family here. Then follow the instructions to complete checkout.
  2. Have a friend take a snapshot of your family or find one that you already have. If you are wanting to use a professional photo, please get permission from your photographer first.
  3. Email your photo to info@beverlygurganus.com along with any notes you want me to consider.

That’s it!  I will do the rest.  Your original will be packaged beautifully and shipped to you within 1 week of your purchase, and your digital file will be sent at that same time along with suggestions on where to design and print your cards.


Illustrated family | Christmas Card | Beverly Gurganus Fine Art

When Should I start this process?

Now is the time.  My custom illustrations will be opened until November 15th as a first come first serve basis.  I want to give you plenty of time to get your cards designed and printed thus the need to have this short window of opportunity.

 Creating illustrations of families and the beautiful moments in their lives is so special to me as I believe family and all parts of life is precious and deserves celebrating.  I’m looking forward to creating for you.


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