What's next?

What's next?

The 30 in 30 challenge is over so what now?

When I heard that artist Leslie Saeta was hosting a September 30 in 30 challenge, I hopped on board.  I love how this challenge gives that little extra boost to get into the studio, put paint to the canvas, and just play around with no pressure.  I usually have an expected outcome in mind when I'm painting, but for these challenges I allow myself grace and flexibility to experiment.

30 in 30 Day 8

                               Day 8 of the 30 in 30 challenge

This time around it was all about landscapes.  I've painted landscapes in the past, but I get so overwhelmed with the details that it takes the fun out of it.  I was on a mission to find a better approach to landscapes.  The above photo was a turning point in my landscapes.  I painted this one twice, because the first time I got caught up in the details, but the second time (due to my frustration) I began to just throw on the paint without over thinking.  The results were loose brushstroke of color.

Day 9 of 30 in 30

                            Day 9 of the 30 in 30 challenge

The palette knife continues to add the finishing touches of texture to my paintings, and I started incorporating it in these studies.  The above painting went a bit more abstract with the semi mono chromatic color scheme, and the horizontal line that separates the land from the water's edge.


Day 10  30 in 30

                  Day 10 of the 30 in 30 challenge.

As the challenge progressed, the experimenting continued with color.  On Day 10 you can see how I used softer pastel colors.


30 in 30

                 Day 23 of the 30 in 30 Challenge.

Loose brushstrokes, palette knife texture, color, horizontal line for the water line, and simplifying shapes are the elements I came away with from this challenge.  I have taken a little from each of the above studies to come up with the style for my next collection of landscapes.


                     24x36 oil on canvas

Water's Edge collection releasing November 2018


beverly gurganus fine art

The 30 in 30 challenge provides a good opportunity to learn new techniques, explore various subjects, and fine tune skills.  I encourage any artist or creative to participate in the next challenge scheduled for February 2019.  Hope to see ya there!

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